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Life Size Nativity Display

Recreate the miracle of the very first Christmas
with our beautiful Nativity display scene.
Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas as depicted
in this awe-inspiring lawn art,
  the miracle of the birth of our Savior. 

They include Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus sheltered in the Stable.
An Angel protects as the Donkey and Camel look on in wonder. 
  Two Shepherds and their flock add humble charm to the peaceful Holy Family.
The three Wise Men bearing gifts complete this wonderfully detailed masterpiece.


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Handmade in the USA

Updated December 20th

All orders placed before 1:00 pm EST
Monday and Tuesday
will be shipped same day.


In stock
Holy  Family
( Set of 3 )
Kneeling Shepherd
(Set of 2)
Wise Men
(Set of 3)



Stable with Star


2 left



Sold Out-
see below

Sitting Camel



Standing Shepherd
Set of 14
Buy All 14

Save $115.00




We have unfortunately sold out of the Angel for this 2014 holiday season.

For those who wanted the complete set of 14 figures, we have 2 options.

#1 -- Purchase the set of 14 now for $2725.00 .

We will back order the Angel and ship it next season.
You will be “first on the list”.

#2 – Purchase everything except the Angel ( for $2490.00)
Next year , when you order the Angel, we will deduct the “full set discount”.
Your cost for the Angel next season would be $235.00

(even if there has been a price increase)

and your total for all figures
would be $2725.00, the set discount price


If you need new bases click here
We also sell Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph separately

The movie "Beyond the Farthest Star"
was released in Texas area theaters October 2013.
Our Nativity has a staring role in the film!

Each figure is silk screened by hand with up to 12 different colors.

We make our figures all year round to have a stockpile,
but sell out quickly as the holiday season approaches.


Handmade in the USA


We include free UPS shipping for all of our products!

Please note:
Our figures are flat, 2 dimensional wood figures.

They do give the appearance of a 3 dimensional display.
Please see our "Your Pictures" page for some examples


Sizes For the Nativity Display Are:

Mary  3'6" tall
- Joseph  4'0" tall- Baby  1'9" tall
Kneeling Shepherd  3'6" tall
Sheep (set of two) 24"& 16" tall

Wise Men (set of 3)- 4'1"to 5'2" tall
Donkey 4'0" tall
Stable with star 7'10" tall by 6'7" wide
Angel 5'9" tall
Sitting Camel 3'5" tall
Standing Shepherd 4'10" tall

Snapshot from the movie

Beyond the Farthest Star

Questions or want to Order by Telephone
Call 610-659-8859

Our email address is

We include free UPS shipping for all of our products!

For more information on how to order click HERE


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